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In pressure

The COFRAC just confirmed the extension in pressure under the number 2-1771 in Vedène.

This extension in pressure allows now the calibration of manometers / transmitters in Vedène on the following ranges, in parallel to Les Ulis accreditation:

  • Differential pressure from 0 Pa to 13 000 Pa,
  • Vacuum (relative pressure) from -95 kPa to 0 kPa,
  • Vacuum (absolute pressure) from 0,5 kPa.

The accreditation 2-1771 still allows to reach a maximum pressure of 140 MPa (1400 bar) with oil at a best uncertainty of 70 Pa + 5,1.10-5.Pr

Aérométrologie takes into account the existing demand in differential pressure calibration. These pressure gauges are used:

  • In under-pressure or overpressure measures of clean rooms,
  • For air building tightness testing, as well as ducts leakage testing in appliance of the guide FD P50-784 and of the norm NF EN ISO 9972,
  • For air speed measures, in association with a Pitot tube,
  • For measuring the gas flow, associated with a differential pressure flow meter or with a Pitot tube in a pipe.

The manometers can be dedicated sensors, or a display with interchangeable modules, or loggers. The reading can be achieved through a display or with a current / voltage output (information to be communicated before the calibration), or even with a liquid column.

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Our needs to create the price offer:

  • Brand and model
  • Pressure values to be calibrated (6 or 11 or more),
  • Fluid type,
  • The expected uncertainty or the tolerance for a judgement,

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At the equipment and order receptions, we are used to calibrate the devices in ten working days.

In air speed

The new COFRAC accreditation (nr 2-6081) covers a range of 0,2 m/s until 50 m/s. All kind of anemometers can be calibrated, even those with a diameter until 40 cm (for example weather station, ultrasonic anemometers, cup anemometers with high diameters, Pitot tubes at a length of 4 m, etc).

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