The anemometry laboratory in Les Ulis was created and accredited during the first year of Aérométrologie’s life, that is to say in 1994.

More recently, since 2016, Aérométrologie has two accredited laboratories equipped with each one a unique blower with free jets allowing the calibration of anemometers by comparison with a Pitot tube, with a Hot-Wire reference, or with a laser velocimeter.

Our installations

The blower from Les Ulis is equipped with a vein at a useful diameter of 30 cm, when the blower from Pernes-Les-Fontaines reach 40 cm. In Les Ulis, a rotating drum allows to calibrate hot wire anemometers with a maximum diameter of 8 mm on a range of 0,06 until 2,5 m.s-1 with the lowest uncertainties.


Our installations allow the calibration of :

  • Thermic, hot-wire anemometers
  • Mechanics, windmill, cup or propeller anemometers
  • Pressure probe like “L” or “S” PITOT tube (4 m maximum – please note that above 2,5 m the calibration has to be planned in Vedène)
  • Ultrasonic anemometers

Aérométrologie has the possibility to calibrate and measure from 0.06 to 40 m.s-1 (Les Ulis) or from 0.2 to 50 m.s-1 (Pernes-Les-Fontaines) for all kind of instruments: anemometers alone or in chain or multifunction devices (wired or wireless)

  • Calibration at ambiant conditions
  • Calibration in the blower or in a rotating drum


Aérométrologie is able to calibrate the multifunction suitcases: anemometer, air flow meter, hygrometer, manometer, thermometer, electric or temperature simulation or multimeter. Often a calibration time of 12 working days could be necessary.


N°2-1808 (0.06 to 40 m.s-1) in Les Ulis
N°2-6083 (0,2 to 50 m.s-1) in Pernes-Les-Fontaines

Scope is available on 


Non accredited in Pernes-Les-Fontaines: air speed until 55 m.s-1

On-site service possible.