Since the early beginning of AEROMETROLOGIE, we can calibrate your manometer. Our current capacities are ranking from -0.95 to 1400 bar, as well as low-pressure and differential-pressure measurement instruments, and vacuum measuring instruments up to 10-3 mbar. Moreover with masters almost always doubled, we can satisfy your need in terms of calibration range, calibration uncertainty and calibration duration.

Calibration range details

  • Vacuum manometers: from 10-3 mbar until 13 mbar
  • Differential manometers: from 0 Pa until 13 000 Pa
  • Absolute pressure: from 0,005 bar until 1400 bar
  • Relative pressure: from -0,95 bar until 1400 bar
  • Blowerdoor differential gauges: from -100 Pa until +100 Pa or -500 Pa until +500 Pa

Manometer examples

  • Mechanical manometers
  • Digital manometers
  • Transmitters
  • Sensors with measure chain
  • Columns of liquid
  • Pressure scales
  • Medical tensiometers

Relative or absolute measure

Finally, we offer various possibilities of relative or absolute measures by using one of the following methods :

  • By comparison with a digital manometer
  • By comparison with a bidirectional sensor
  • By comparison with a barometer
  • By comparison with a manometric balance


Pressure gauges
– N°2-1295(-0,95 to 70 bar), Les Ulis (91)
– N°2-1771 (-0,95 to 1400 bar), Pernes-Les-Fontaines (84)

Scope is available on

On-site service possible.