Gas flow

The gas flow domain is part of the ground history of Aérométrologie, as it is one of the three accreditations in 1994.

Nowaday, we propose calibrations on our two sites.

The proposed calibration range is from 5 cm3.h-1 to 15000 m3.h-1, including various instrument types :

  • Gas meter
  • Turbine – rotary piston
  • Insertion Flow meter
  • Rotameters – flow liters
  • Balometer (air capture hoods)
  • Mass flow meter, soap bubble flow meter, Graphite piston flow meter,

  • Differential pressure flow meters
  • Calibrated orifice/ nozzle under a service pressure

Multifunction devices

Aérométrologie offers the possibility to calibrate devices including others functions than air flow, as for example temperature, atmospheric or differential pressures and hygrometry.

These multiple calibrations are possible within 10 working days by fixing a date before sending the equipment, 5 working days for a simple flow meter.


Gas flow rate measurement
N°2-1294(5 cm³.h-1 to 15000 m³.h-1 ), Les Ulis (91)
N°2-1931 (10 cm3.min-1  to 8,5 m³.h-1 ), Pernes-Les-Fontaines (84)

Scope is available on








Calibration methods

Two methods of calibration are proposed according to the type of device and the pressure :

  • Primary method
  • Method by comparison

The primary method is a “P.V.T.t” (pressure-volume-temperature-time) method, the method by comparison is made with one or several sonic collars or long radius collars or with laminar flow meters, or with a volumometer.

On-site service possible.