AEROMETROLOGIE can calibrate tachometers (optics, mechanics and linear) and stroboscopes and centrifuges.

NEWS: from the 27th Septembre 2021, the calibrations take place in Pernes-Les-Fontaines.

The reference velocity is obtained :

  • in optic, by a generator low frequency coupled to a photoelectric device
  • in mechanic, by a frequency measurement transmitted by an incremental converter
  • in linear, same as in mechanic, with moreover the tachometer wheel diameter taken into account

For the stroboscopes, the flash number is read by a photoelectric cell coupled to a frequency measure.

For the centrifuges, the rotation speed is read by a phot-reflexion tachometer and the time is measured by a master chronometer.


Time-Frequency N°2-1849.
– 6 to 100 000 rpm (optics)
– 20 to 3 600 rpm (mechanics)
– 1 to 300 rpm (linear)
– 20 to 50 000 fpm (stroboscopes)
– 100 to 25000 rpm and 20 to 3600 s (centrifuge)


Scope in available on

Non accredited, Aérométrologie proposes a chronometer and frequencemeter verification.

On-site service possible.