Liquid flow meter calibration by Aérométrologie

Aérométrologie proposes an accredited COFRAC calibration on water liquid flow meter and counter on the range of 4 g.h-1 until 10 kg.h-1 since November 2017.
The reference flow is determined with water by a gravimetric method (by weighing and chronometer) and by Coriolis flow meters.

NEWS: since the 17th September, the Cofrac calibrations will take place in Pernes-Les-Fontaines.

ATTENTION, the non accredited calibrations (from 10 kg/h until 25m3/h) remains in LES ULIS.

Calibration range and equipment concerned

The range of measurement is from 4 g.h-1 to 10 kg3.h-1 at ambient temperature, including various types of flow meters:

  • Rotameters
  • Turbine
  • Mass flow meters
  • Coriolis
  • with gears

Furthermore, Aérométrologie calibrates equipments such as (non exhaustive list):

  • Liquid flowmeter GJC INSTRUMENTS LTD  5025000
  • Coriolis flowmeter BRONKHORST CORI-FLOW M12-RGD-22-0-S
  • Coriolis flowmeter BRONKHORST CORI-FLOW M13-RGD-22-0-S
  • Coriolis flowmeter BRONKHORST CORI-FLOW M14-RGD-22-0-S
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter KEYENCE FD-XA1

Calibration conditions

The calibration is performed according your demand or at five points distributed across the range of measurement.

The calibration is performed at ambient temperature.



Water liquid flowmeter
N° 2-6345 (4 g.h-1 until 10 kg.h-1),
Pernes-Les-Fontaines (84)

Scope is available on 


Non accredited

In addition, the calibration on water liquid flow meter or counter until 25 m3.h-1 is maintained in LES ULIS.

The reference flow is determined with water by a gravimetric method (by weighting and chronometer) or by three electromagnetical flowmeters.

Moreover, Aérométrologie proposes the following services :

  • Calibration on ultrasonic flowmeters (on PVC tube of 50 mm),

  • Aérométrologie can verify by weighting the volume from 0 to 3000 ml with the weighing method.

The laboratory provides on-site services by comparison with standard flow meters.

On-site service possible.

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