Aérométrologie calibrate in thermometry by comparison :

  • To a reference probe associated with a multimeter in baths, ovens or chamber, from -100°C to +1100°C, at three temperature points repeated each ten times
  • To fixed points from the E.I.T.-90 (Mercury -38,834°C, water 0,01°C or Gallium 29,764°C), at one or two measure cycle(s) depending on the equipment to be calibrated, each measure cycle repeated ten times

E.I.T.-90 : International Temperature Scale (Echelle Internationale de Température) dated from 1990.

With numerous means at its disposal, the temperature measurement laboratory can calibrate and verify the following :

  • Platinum resistance probes 100 and 1000 ohms in 3 or 4 wire technology
  • Thermoelectric couple probes
  • Temperature measurements chains, analog or digital thermometers
  • Mechanical thermometers
  • Recorders

In the COFRAC calibration domain by temperature electricity simulation (generation or receiver mode, by thermocouple or thermoresistance), our Electricity Measurement laboratory will helps you (RTD, TC, etc).


Temperature N°2-1583 (-100°C to +1100°C), Fixed Points, Les Ulis (91)

Temperature N°2-6346 : -40°C à +150°C, Pernes-Les-Fontaines (84)

Scope is available on www.cofrac.fr

NON ACCREDITED: pyrometer and Infra-Red thermometer by comparison with a reference black body (30 to 550°C) ; surface or contact sensor by comparison with a reference material (10 to 350°C) ; temperature generators verification or characterization (bath, oven, black body ’from -80 to 1100°C).

On-site service possible.