Since 2015 and in order to improve our services, Aérométrologie proposes COFRAC calibrations for blower doors fans and manometers. They are used for air building tightness testing, as well as ducts leakage testing.

All our services are based on the appliance of the guide FD P50-784 and of the norm NF EN ISO 9972. These documents are the base for the writing of building efficiency reference and for the writing of measurement reports according a defined protocol. This justifies the selected values used in the field of applicable regulations or in the certification of residential areas (individual or collective housings) and nonresidential (offices, educational, hospitals …).


Blower doors fans

Accreditation nr 2-1294, until 15 000 m3.h‾¹ for BLOWERDOOR, DUCT BLASTER, RETROTEC, LIKTEC… The use of different calibration benches authorizes us to calibrate the lowest flow (for example lower than 1 m3.h‾¹), especially for devices used in ducts leakage testing.

Furthermore Aérométrologie is able to calculate the new coefficients, except for some RETROTEC versions (please contact us).

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Scope available on


Accreditation nr 2-1295, on the range from 0 Pa until 13000 Pa (as well as in negative) for DG700, APT4, APT6… or for manometers integrated in the blowerdoor fan system.

Aérométrologie offers two possible programs:

  • 9 measuring points from -100 Pa until 100 Pa,
  • 15 measuring points when exceeding the 100 Pa range.

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Reduced calibration time

Aérométrologie proposes a service on appointment in order to reduce the calibration duration to 5 working days, both in fan as in manometer.

In conclusion, Aérométrologie proposes a service optimized for our customers using blower doors equipment.

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