Since July 2016, Aérométrologie owns two blowers COFRAC accredited. Driven by our will to improve the customer service, we are now able to propose a calibration time reduced in anemometry, as well as an enlargement of the covered air speed.

Precision on the calibration time

Aérométrologie has a calibration time target of 10 working days that can be reduced to 5 days in case of appointment.

Until end of November 2016, we propose a calibration time in anemometry reduced to 5 working days. For that, please use our web site contact form or your usual sales contact.

In case of multifunction devices (thermo-hygro-mano-anemometer for example), the calibration duration of 5 working days will not be respected.

Precision on the COFRAC accreditations

Aérométrologie is able to calibrate anemometers like Pitot tubes, hot wire or hot film, fan, cups, windmill or ultrasonic.

The anemometer can be unidirectional or multidirectional, with display or be a transmitter, with a wire or wireless.

Les ULIS – anemometry accreditation n°2-1808

Covered range from

0,06 m.s-1 to 40 m.s-1

Best uncertainties: 0,02 m.s-1 + 1,0.10-2.V

VEDENE – anemometry accreditation n°2-6083

Covered range from 0,2 m.s-1 to 50 m.s-1

Best uncertainties: 0,05 m.s-1 + 1,2.10-2.V

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