Anemometers and manometers: in order to improve the service to our customers, especially the reactivity and a calibration time target of 10 working days, Aérométrologie reinforced its calibration capacities in Vedène.

New accreditation for anemometers

N°2-6063, on the 0,2 to 50 m.s-1 range for all kind of anemometers, with a restriction on pressure probes with a covered range of 2,5 to 50 m.s-1. By comparison to the Cofrac accreditation n°2-1808 in Les Ulis, the maximum air speed is increased from 40 m.s-1 to 50 m.s-1.

The anemometers calibrated are composed by: hot wire, Pitot tube (S or L), propellers, untrasonic and cups. The maximum size is 30 cm in diameter (in Les Ulis) or 40 cm in diameter (Vedène) and 4 m in length (in Vedène, restriction at 2 m in Les Ulis).

Our masters are composed by a laser or a hot wire combined with a Pitot tube.

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Accreditation extension in pressure

N°2-1771, an extension of the range in relative pressure up to -0,95 kPa, in absolute pressure starting from 0,5 kPa and in differential pressure from 0 to 200 Pa.

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