Aérométrologie pursued its investment policy intended to reduce the calibration duration and to bring an answer adapted to your needs for services on any gas flow meter.

Covered range

So, VEDENE sees its COFRAC accreditation n°2-1931 for the gas flowmeter strengthened by this extension which doubles our capacity in the small flows:

  • Extension which concerns the range from 10 cm3.min-1 to 30 dm3.min-1,
  • And which completes the current range covering from 0,04 m3.h-1 to 34 m3.min-1, with the possibility of proceeding to the calibration by 3 of the gas meters, on this range only, in an advantageous price rate,

Concerned devices

As a result, the following technologies of gas flowmeter can be calibrated on VEDENE:

  • Calibrated orifice/ nozzle under a service pressure
  • Differential pressure flow meters
  • Gas meter
  • Insertion Flow meter
  • Mass flow meter,
  • Rotameters – flow liters
  • Soap bubble flow meter
  • Turbine – rotary piston

And always the reference laboratory

Furthermore, Aérométrologie on LES ULIS always proposes the services of calibration for your gas flowmeters with a vast range:

  • From 5 cm3.h-1 to 15.000 m3.h-1,
  • With for purpose the cover of devices previously listed, but with additional devices like balometer and blower door (air capture hood),

In conclusion

Consequently, Aérométrologie reaffirms its will to serve its customers with a 10 working days calibration duration. So our capacities of calibration under COFRAC accreditation saw their capacities doubling in the laboratories of anemometry (2016), of hygrometry (2017), pressure (2017), temperature (2017) and now gas flow meter (2018).


Our team will be pleased to accompany you for your equipment metrological follow-up.

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