Specialized in calibration for equipment in physical domains, but not only, Aérométrologie offers services for multifunction devices.

Especially relevant, Aérométrologie works in accordance with the ISO/CEI 17025 v 2005 in the perimeter covered by its COFRAC accreditations or in the field of verifications / calibrations in accordance with current standards.


Competence fields

Our COFRAC accredited domains for the multifunction devices are:

  • Air speed nr 2-1808 (Les Ulis) and nr 2-6083 (Vedène) on the ranges from 0,06 m.s-1 until 50 m.s-1,
  • Gaz flow nr 2-1294 (Les Ulis) and nr 2-1931 (Vedène) on the ranges from 5 cm3.h-1 until 15 000 m3.h-1,
  • Electricity nr 2-2051 (Vedène) in current, tension, resistor and in temperature simulation,
  • Hygrometry nr 2-1456 (Les Ulis) and nr 2-1905 (Vedène) on the ranges from 0% until 100% relative humidity and from -80°C until +90°C dew point temperature,
  • Liquid flow nr 6-6345 (Les Ulis) on the ranges from 5 g.h-1 until 10 kg.h-1,
  • Pressure nr 2-1295 (Les Ulis) and n°2-1771 (Vedène) on the ranges from 10-3 mbar abs until 1400 bar, including low differential pressures from 0 Pa until 13 000 Pa,
  • Thermometry nr 2-1583 (Les Ulis) and nr 2-6346 (Vedène)on the ranges from -100°C until 1100°C in bath or from -40°C until +150°C in thermostatic chamber,

Furthermore we verify, with a non accredited service, the following devices measuring:


A recognized know-how

The expertize provided by Aérométrologie in the multifunction domains allows us to take in charge a large variety of equipment:

  • Thermo-anemometers,
  • Thermo-hygrometers,
  • Thermo-hygro-manometers or barometers,
  • Meteorological portative stations,
  • Hard case fitted with a display and different probes: temperature, hygrometry, pressure, anemometer, voltage/current module, flowmeter, temperature simulation, etc
  • Flow-manometer or blower door,
  • Flowmeter with thermal probe and/or pressure (mass flow or balometer or for liquid)
  • Oxygen meter coupled to a manometer,
  • Electric calibrators with temperature simulation,
  • Pressure generator / measurer, with electric functions,
  • Sampling kits with a dry gas meter and thermal / pressure / air speed probes
  • Etc,

As a result and according to your needs Aérométrologie is able to calibrate one or several functions from your devices.


The use of multifunction equipment

The multifunction devices are portable units generally used on site by professionals. Most of all, they are dedicated to technicians in charge of:

1. Tuning and checking the aeraulic / heating / cooling installations

These devices control air in closed volumes, systems of ventilation and air conditioning in order to quantify the interior air.

Therefore the multifunction devices analyse:

  • Meteorological variations,
  • Condensation creation,
  • Intake or exhaust air flows

2. Emissions measurements (chimney, …) or pollutant sampling

The European legislation obliges incineration factories to control regularly their dioxin and furane emission rates, as well as the factories emitting combustion gases.

Moreover the NF EN 13284, NF EN 15259 and NF EN 16911 norms require the use of specific equipment, for which Aérométrologie can partly provide a calibration certificate.

3. Measures in air network dedicated to hospital means

Aérométrologie can verify O2 gas analysers equipped with pressure sensors.

These gas analysers are compliant to the NF EN ISO 7396-1 norm.

4. Measuring ambient conditions, inside as well as outside

The working conditions require a follow up. This follow up can be performed inside as well as outside. The measures concern temperature, hygrometry, ventilation and noise. Except for this last domain, Aérométrologie is competent in calibrating the devices for these fields.

5. Qualifying the sealing of residential or nonresidential buildings according to the appliance guide FD P50-784 and NF EN ISO 9972

Our previous article “COFRAC calibrations for blower doors fan and gauge” highlights the regulation constraints and our solutions to calibrate these instruments.


A unique service

According to our accreditation scopes available on www.cofrac.fr, your equipment can be calibrated on one or both of our laboratories, depending on your uncertainty expectations. Please feel free to consult our accreditations on the COFRAC internet portal (by choosing Aérométrologie as company) or to contact our sales team.


A short service time

Even for the multifunction devices, Aérométrologie keep a calibration time of 10 working days (after equipment and order receptions) equivalent to more simple instruments.

Only for more complex calibrations or for great number of devices, the calibration time can be increased until 15 working days.

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