Dated from the 1st November 2014

  • N°1-1498 Characterization of climatic chambers and sterilisers: extension to +250°C (thermostatic) and 80°C (as maximum dry bulb temperature in hygrometry).
  • N°2-1849 Rotation velocity measurement: extension to centrifuges, in rotation speed (100 to 25000 rpm) and in time (20 to 3600 s)
  • N°2-1930 Gas flow meter (Vedène): calibration for gas flow meters up to 3 in serial,
  • N°2-1905 Hygrometry (Vedène) : dew point temperature from -80 to +80°C and relative hygrometry 0 to 100% for a dry bulb temperature between -20 to +80 °C.


Dated from the 5th February 2015

  • N°2-1294 Gas flow meter (les Ulis): blower-door from 7 to 15 000 m3.h-1

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