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Aérométrologie is restructuring and streamlining its business structure. We are introducing a system that will make it easier to arrange calibrations in the future.


Many of you have expressed a desire for shorter turnaround times for the calibration and checking of your measuring instruments. We will now be able to respond to these requests by offering you the possibility to book time slots.


Our objectives are to:

  • Minimise the downtime of your measuring instruments,
  • Provide more reliable turnaround time information,
  • Boost our productivity


Attainment of this objective obviously means satisfaction for you.


And we can only achieve it by working in close collaboration with you.


What exactly is a time slot?


We propose a period of 3 to 10 days for the calibration.

This time slot allows for the most common unexpected events that can occur in a calibration laboratory.

You then add on two-way shipping times.

You will, of course, be notified in the event of a breakdown or unforeseen event.

This time slot will be agreed with you and will be binding.


How can I book a time slot?


Requests for slots should be sent, by email only, to planif@aerometrologie.fr

Requests can only be processed if they include the reference number of a quote or order which is already recorded in our system.

We will then send you an email offering you a time slot within 3 working days, for your approval.


When should I send my equipment?


In compliance with our internal requirements, measuring instruments must be stored on our premises for at least 24 hours prior to calibration. Please bear this in mind when sending your equipment.

Please check that you have confirmed a time slot before sending your equipment.


Pre-arranged services will be given priority.


Instruments for which no time slot has been confirmed will be processed within 20 to 40 working days, depending on our workload.


How can I ensure that my shipment/order is processed promptly?


To process your order promptly, we need you to play your part. The package containing your instruments must include the following documents:

  1. A shipping or delivery note with the name of your company, your contact details, the name of a contact person, and a full list of the equipment and accessories enclosed in the package.
  2. A copy of your order form bearing our quote reference number.
  3. Alternatively, a copy of the quote with your order form reference number.
  4. This order form must be in our possession when the instrument arrives.

Failure to comply with these basic rules may result in

  • The time slot no longer being held,
  • A waiting time of up to 40 working days,
  • A charge of €50 (excluding tax) to cover the cost of finding and dealing with the order. These conditions will shortly be added to our Ts & Cs.


What do I do if I need to change a time slot?


If you need to cancel or change the time slot, please inform us by email at planif@aerometrologie.fr

We will contact you to confirm a new time slot within 5 working days.


What information do I need to provide to optimise my transactions with Aérométrologie?


  1. Our quote reference number
  2. The reference number of your order which has already reached us
  3. The reference number shown on our acknowledgement of receipt


One of our laboratories has been a “tester” for more than 2 years, and the feedback we have received from our customers who have tested this service has been very encouraging. We are, therefore, very keen to roll out the system across our business.


This new system will be fully operational from 1st September 2020.


Should you have any questions, our departments will be happy to help.


We hope you’ll be impressed, and we look forward to calibrating your measuring instruments again.



The Aérométrologie team


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