Liquid calibration by Aérométrologie

Aérométrologie proposes an accredited COFRAC calibration on water liquid flow meters and counters on the range of 4 g.h-1 until 10 kg.h-1 since November 2017.
The reference flow is determined with water by a gravimetric method (by weighing and chronometer) and by Coriolis flow meters.

NEWS: since the 17th September, the Cofrac calibrations will take place in Pernes-Les-Fontaines.

ATTENTION, the non accredited calibrations (from 10 kg/h until 25m3/h) remains in LES ULIS.

Calibration range and equipment concerned

The range of measurement is from 4 g.h-1 to 10 kg3.h-1 at ambient temperature, including various types of flow meters:

  • Rotameters
  • Turbine
  • Mass flow meters
  • Coriolis
  • with gears

Calibration conditions

The calibration is performed according you demand or at five points distributed across the range of measurement.

The calibration is performed at ambient temperature.



Water liquid flowmeter
N° 2-6345 (4 g.h-1 until 10 kg.h-1),
Pernes-Les-Fontaines (84)

Scope is available on 


Non accredited

In addition, the calibration on water liquid flowmeters or counters with water until 25 m3.h-1 is maintained in LES ULIS.

The reference flow is determined with water by a gravimetric method (by weighting and chronometer) or by three electromagnetical flowmeters.

Moreover, Aérométrologie proposes the following services :

  • Calibration on ultrasonic flowmeters (on PVC tube of 50 mm),

  • Aérométrologie can verify by weighting the volume from 0 to 3000 ml with the weighing method.

The laboratory provides on-site services by comparison with standard flow meters.

On-site service possible.