AEROMETROLOGIE can calibrate or verify liquid flow meters and water counters.
The reference flow is determined by a gravimetric method (by weighing and chronometer), by electromagnetic flow meters and by Coriolis flow meters.

The range of measurement is from 4 g.h-1 to 25 m3.h-1 at ambient temperature, including various types of flow meters :

  • Rotameters
  • Turbine
  • Mass flow meters
  • Ultrasonic (PVC pipes, diameter between 50 and 63 mm)
  • Coriolis
  • with gears
  • The laboratory also determines the volume of syringes with the weighing method

The calibration is performed at five points distributed across the range of measurement.

The laboratory provides on-site services by comparison with standard flow meters.

Aérométrologie can verify by weighting the volume from 0 to 3000 ml.

On-site service possible.